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Service Learning

Welcome to the High School Service Learning Project


Guam Water Kids & Learning about Guam’s Fresh Water


This is the activity-based program for high school students to learn about taking care of Guam’s Fresh Water supply.  This program was created for use with Service Learning, but the lessons, activities and assessments can be used with general science and environmental studies. Here’s some of the things students will be doing:


  • Learning and reviewing the basics of fresh water through thoughtful observation.
  • Participating in investigation, analysis, and problem solving activities
  • Using their knowledge to share “Guam Water Kids” with younger students
  • Creating outreach materials designed to bring the message of protecting Guam’s fresh water to family, friends and the community.
  • Playing an active and valuable role in protecting Guam’s fresh water resources.


This program is a complete resource for high school teachers and their students. It contains 5 Modules (Each module is intended for about 5 periods) with teacher’s background information, differentiated learning tasks, activities with materials list, defined vocabulary, worksheets, assessments and performance task rubrics for each module.


This Service Learning Program includes: CCSS Literacy Standards, College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing, Next Generation Science Standards and uses STEM guidelines.


All materials are available for download below and are offered freely for your use!  If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy of these materials, please contact Ann Card ann@guamwaterkids.com.





Master Document of Entire Program:

All Modules GWK Service Learning.pdf (14.4 MB)


Separate Files

00 Sec. 1 Intro & Background.pdf (2.4 MB)

01 Water The Treasure Module 1.pdf (1.7 MB)

02 The Water Cycle Module2.pdf (1.1 MB)

03 Fresh Water Module 3.pdf (837 KB)

04 Pollution Impact Module 4.pdf (796 KB)

Design Process Module 4 Activity.ppt (1.4 MB)

05 What Kids Can Do Module 5.pdf (1.1 MB)

06 Addenda GWK Service Learning.pdf (9.5 MB)



Presentation options

Guam Water Kids Presentation

guamwaterkidsMACkeynote.key (245.3 MB)




Module 1 GUWaterKids MOVIE.mov (Quicktime)

Module 1 GUWaterKids MOVIE.wmv (Windows)


Module 2 GUWaterKids MOVIE.mov (Quicktime)

Module 2 GUWaterKids MOVIE.wmv (Windows)


Module 3 GUWaterKids MOVIE.mov (Quicktime)

Module 3 GUWaterKids MOVIE.wmv (Windows)


Module 4 GUWaterKids MOVIE.mov (Quicktime)

Module 4 GUWaterKids MOVIE.wmv (Windows)


Module 5 GUWaterKids MOVIE.mov (Quicktime)

Module 5 GUWaterKids MOVIE.wmv (Windows)



If you have problems downloading or using material, contact Ann Card (ann@guamwaterkids.com).